Getting the job is just the beginning

Joining our Customer Care Specialist team isn’t just any old job, it’s the start of your 2degrees career. We walk the walk when it comes to progression and support you at every stage so you can stretch-out to reach your goals.

How do we achieve this? We’re glad you asked.

Like all thing at 2degrees, our very own Skills Pathways programme is a little bit different – it enables you to develop the skills you’re interested in, so you can shoot for the roles that are the best fit for you.

  • As soon as a business need is identified, you can get up-skilled without having to apply for a new role
  • Progress at a speed you’re comfortable with, and once KPI performance targets are met, you can specialise at the next level.
  • You can earn while you learn because new skills carry additional financial incentives.
  • Up-skilling across areas including sales, business and social media is great for your CV and improves your chances for future roles.

And the best part?

The more your skill set broadens, the more your financial rewards increase. It’s only fair.

Vandhana is one of our team, who’s loving her new role as a CRM Implementation Manager. Check out what she has to say about her career progression.

Vandhana Vikash
CRM Implementation Manager

Vandhana started her 2degrees journey as a Customer Care Agent in May 2013 and has since worked her way up through the business in the following roles:

  • 2013 – Customer Care Agent
  • 2013 – Business & Technical Support
  • 2015 – Porting Administrator
  • 2016 – Sales Analyst
  • 2019 – CRM Implementation Manager

What do you attribute your progression within 2degrees to?

I honestly believe that that this is simply because of the culture that has been created by the amazing people at 2degrees. You are part of a team of people who are always rooting for you to succeed!

What have been some of your key learnings in your career journey?

  • Never stop challenging yourself no matter what role you are in!
  • Don’t limit yourself to the role you are in. At 2degrees we have so many projects, learning sessions… get involved and encourage your colleagues along the way!
  • Compare you to you! It’s easy to compare yourself to others but always aim to look at where you where yesterday or a year before and try to be better than that version. This really did work for me to keep me on track and focused.

Do you have any words of wisdom to share with others?

  • Invest in yourself, you can afford it.
  • Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it.
  • Your work is going to be a large part of your life and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you like doing.
Ready to join us in the Fight for Fair?